Essential Considerations: A Simple Guide to Office Furniture Selection

Designing an office and choosing the right furniture can be a daunting task, especially for someone unfamiliar with interior design. It is important to create an environment where employees feel comfortable and can collaborate, while also providing areas for focused work and privacy. To simplify the process of planning your office, Standard’s office furniture experts have put together a guide highlighting important considerations and categories to think about before making furniture purchases.


Before diving into the furniture selection process, it’s worth considering the type of office that best suits your business. Since most offices have multiple teams with diverse needs, it’s crucial to think about the functionality required for successful work. By taking into account your employees’ ideas and needs from the beginning, you can ensure a more functional work environment. If you don’t have the time or expertise to handle this process yourself, Standard can assist or guide you to the best interior designers.


Piano EL desks comply with highest Scandinavian requirements for ergonomics and are perfect for everyone, who is working with a computer for many hours a day or is having back problems.


Every office, regardless of size, requires desks. When selecting office desks, focus on both design and functionality. Consider whether you want to add screens to provide employees with more privacy in an open space. Also, think about the decor and how much space you have available for the desks.


Office chairs are undoubtedly crucial furniture pieces. Since employees spend several hours seated each day, comfort and ergonomics are of utmost importance. Look for chairs that can be adjusted to individual preferences. Additionally, consider the design and aesthetics of the chairs to fit your office environment.


SERIE is a system of cabinets and lockers that matches with all the office desks and service counters by Standard. The product range includes modules that are easy to combine and can be mixed and matched to form different sets and kits.


Every workplace needs suitable storage options to maintain order and tidiness. Proper storage solutions improve productivity by keeping documents, equipment, and other items organized. Evaluate your employees’ storage needs and choose furniture pieces that fulfill those requirements.

Relaxation Areas

A comfortable and unique footstool with the fabric chosen by you. The handle is made of oak wood, the fastening fabric of the handle can be chosen based on the fabric of the footstool.


Relaxation areas are essential in modern office life, providing spaces where employees can take breaks and build personal connections. These areas should be inviting and comfortable. Soft office furniture, such as comfortable sofas, armchairs, and lounge chairs, are suitable for creating a relaxing environment. Alternatively, a well-designed kitchen or activity room with a ping-pong table can serve the purpose as well.

Collaborative Areas

FLY table in Estonian Academy of Arts


Collaborative spaces are crucial for group work and cooperation. While traditional conference rooms consist of a large table and chairs, there are other options to consider as well. High-backed sofas can create separate spaces that provide both acoustic and visual privacy, while large working tables and bench desks are suitable for collaborative work. The key is to choose flexible and multifunctional furniture that caters to diverse requirements.

Reception Area

The modular LAND family of sofas with their timeless design is a great solution to make public spaces cosy and comfortable. You can choose exactly the type of sofa solution that suits the environment, and different variations can be used to create cool, perfect compositions. By its very nature, the LAND modular sofa solution is warm and extremely comfortable to sit on.


Reception areas leave a lasting impression on visitors, so it’s important to choose furniture that reflects your brand and creates a positive atmosphere for your business. Start with selecting a reception desk that aligns with your brand’s look, size, and style. Complement it with soft office seating and coffee tables to create a welcoming and comfortable environment.

By considering the diverse needs and preferences of your employees, you can choose office furniture that enhances their productivity and contributes to a functional and inspiring workspace. If you need assistance in transforming your current office, don’t hesitate to reach out to Standard for professional guidance and support.

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